6 places to visit in Nicaragua

Since I started traveling in 2011, getting to know the world has become one of my life goals.
I graduated at the end of 2013 in Civil Engineering and, somewhat contrary to the expectations of my life after graduating, instead of starting my career as an engineer or doing some postgraduate studies, I chose to travel. He spent more than 10 months traveling and working in several Latin American countries. During this period I created a blog where I share travel itineraries in Latin America and tips on how to travel more, spending less.

Have you ever thought about spending your vacation in Nicaragua? If the answer is no, don’t worry. I myself hardly knew about the existence of this country before I started planning my trip through Central America. In fact, finding good information in Portuguese about this country is not very easy.

One of my biggest difficulties was finding out which cities were worth visiting. Despite not being a very large country, Nicaragua has several attractions for tourists.

Well, if you are in the process of backpacking through Central America, I will list in this city some cities that I suggest you visit in Nicaragua.

Ah … And if you had never thought about traveling to that country, you might change your mind after reading this post.


Close to the border with Costa Rica, San Juan del Sur is a small town bathed by the Pacific Ocean.

It is the meeting point for backpackers who are looking for sun, beach, surf and fun.

If that’s what you want on your trip, be sure to include it in your Nicaraguan itinerary.


In the middle of the great Lake Nicaragua, the second largest in all of Latin America, Isla Ometepe is one of the most popular destinations in the country.

With a very peaceful atmosphere, the island is a perfect destination for those looking for contact with nature and tranquility.

Some of the places you can visit there are: Punta Jesus Maria, Charco Verde Ecological Reserve, El Ojo de agua and the Madera and Concepción volcanoes.

El Ojo de Agua


The charming colonial city of Granada is a must for those who like to appreciate old buildings, but which are still very well maintained.

The city offers a good structure to receive tourists. There are many hostels, hotels, restaurants, bars, banks and all those items that cannot be missed in the life of a traveler.

Enjoy your stay to visit the Laguna de Apoyo.


Initially, the city of León was not in my travel plans. I thought that because it is also a colonial city, it would not be worth it to know it since I was in Granada.

However, fate made it cross my path. Even when I was in Granada, I got a job at a hostel in León.

Today I am immensely grateful for this opportunity that allowed me to get to know the coolest city in Nicaragua, in my opinion.

León does not have the charm of Granada, but it is still a city worth visiting.

From there it is possible to visit the Cerro Negro Volcano and practice the Volcano Boarding, a “sports practice” that consists of sliding a volcano on a wooden board.


Just half an hour from León, Las Peñitas is a beach with good waves for surfing and lively parties at Bigfoot Beach House.

You can meet her in a day on a stroll around the city of León, but I recommend you spend at least one night there.

Every day I was on that beach (and there were a few), I was presented with a magnificent sunset.


Another beach village in Nicaragua, but this time on the Caribbean side.

Despite having beautiful beaches, this is a region that is still little explored by tourists. Part of this is due to the little incentive of the Nicaraguan government and the fact that access is not the simplest.

The few who arrive in Bluefields also take the opportunity to visit the Caribbean islands of Corn Island, just over seventy kilometers from the coast.

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