Boats cut trips between San Jorge and Ometepe by 50%

The owners of the boats that provide the water transport service between the port of San Jorge and the port Ometepe IslandThey decided to reduce their trips by 50% because the Covid-19 caused a drastic drop in passenger movements.

Of the 15 round trips they made per day, nine are now made from Monday to Saturday and seven on Sunday, announced the water carriers.

According to Billy Arcia, administrator of Ferris Ometepe Uno y Tres, the measure to reduce travel is a decision taken in coordination with the Directorate General for Water Transport (DGTA) of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MTI), due to low passenger demand.

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“The boats sail with a maximum of 15 or 30 users and this represents losses for water transport,” explained Arcia.

He said that the Ferris Ometepe One and Three made 7 one-way trips and came back between them, but that there are only four left.

“The ferries have the capacity to carry 240 people, but passenger demand has declined like never before.

Even reservations made at Easter by nationals and tour operators have been canceled in their entirety, “he said.

He said the few passengers who travel are residents of Ometepe, who go out to shop in Rivas because economic activity is reduced.

“The atmosphere is sad”

The Che Guevara ferry, by Cipriano Quiroga, and the Nicarao Cacique, by Ernesto Centeno, make one trip a day and not two as before.

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“The same thing happens with the Santa Martha speedboat; As of March 24, we have agreed to cut the boat routes by 50% because there is nothing to throw them out, “said Quiroga.

“The movement per trip is 15 to 20 passengers, and the atmosphere is sad, because tourism in Ometepe is dead and to continue like this, we would have to continue to reduce the routes,” explained Cipriano Quiroga, owner of the Che ferry . Guevara.

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