Central America Tour : Isla de Ometepe

Nicaragua! Certainly the poorest and most indecisive tourist desitnation, but also the cheapest.

The entry caused us less problems than expected, a local taxi driver helped us with all border formalities and took us directly to the ferry to Ometepe. Isla deOmetepe is also known as the eighth wonder of the world: It is an inland island consisting of two volcanoes on Lake Nicaragua, very cut off from the outside world – no ATMs, no supermarkets, just nature.

There are said to be sharks (the dangerous bull sharks!) In the lake. However, the water is now so polluted that bathing is not recommended.

A confidence-inspiring ferry brings us to the island. Well, the main thing is that she drives.

Here is a small impression of the safety of our vehicle. No life jackets but a board bar, even the captain refreshes himself at the delicious Cerveza.

Our first backpacker likes the local animals more than we do, so we decide together with the other guests to leave again the next morning. Especially since the beer is out at 8 p.m. – shit shop!

The islanders live on agriculture, cash is almost unknown. Payment takes forever here, as there is hardly any change. It takes just as long to order food – all ingredients first have to be collected in the neighborhood – eggs from Müllers, flour from Meiers, sugar from Schulzens. Kind of funny.

Our first goal is a waterfall in the interior of the island, to which we have to take a little walk. Fantastic pictures of everyday life on the island shorten our way.

The evening before we met a nice Isralin who accompanied us to the waterfall. Although this photo is extremely posed, we decided to put it aside for two reasons.

When climbing the waterfall, the path is unfortunately flooded on the last stretch – no problem for us, shoes off and off for it, we finally survived the Chirripo!

Once at the top we are rewarded with a fantastic sight.

Germany and Israel – united in Nicaragua. And don’t worry, we have no idea about politics!

Here you can see the laundry room and the clothing selection of a local family.

And here the main street. Two buses a day, lots of cattle, which the buses have to chase from the street with a loud honk.

We change the location to the beautiful village of Balgüe. An ultra-simple hotel, overnight stay for $ 1.80 and delicious 1-liter bottles of Nicaraguan beer are enough reasons to feel good here.

The people here don’t speak a word of English, but are so open-minded and helpful as we rarely saw on the trip. Proof that you can be happy with simple means.

Kiki suffers from a lack of sports. So we rent two bicycles and turn around the smaller volcano on the island. 38 kilometers above hill and dale and some rivers lie ahead.

However, just 35 degrees and only a bottle of water in the luggage, because the travel planning has completely touched the toilet. Hard saddles, broken gear shifts and broken brakes do the rest and make the tour a real challenge.

But we see a lot of the landscape and the island, here a banana plantation with a cloud-covered volcano in the background.

This time not a howler monkey, but a domestic pig, which, like us, has to suffer from the heat – we just had to ride 20 kilometers by bike.

Having reached the destination of our bike tour, we enjoy our last day on the local beach. The dirty water of the lake is so warm that it doesn’t even look refreshing.

After an ice-cold shower, we decide to have dinner on a finca 1km above the village. To our surprise we meet Sibylle again, who is waiting for us on the terrace with a cool beer.

The next morning a long day of travel back to Costa Rica awaits us.

At 5 a.m. the bus wakes us, which takes us to the ferry to the mainland.

Adios Nicaragua!

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