Come down! – Finca Mystica, Isla de Ometepe reviews

Our stay on Ometepe and in the Finca Mystica was 2 years ago, but we always like to think about our time there. Getting there is a little adventurous (bus, ferry, car), but the hosts also organize a pickup. But then you are in the middle of nature, in front of our hut you could see thousands of fireflies in the forest in the evening, for breakfast howler monkeys greeted us on the tree directly in front of the terrace.
The food was the best we got in Nicaragua. An energy shake in the morning, always changing dishes in the evening (vegetarian no problem!) And they are MADNESS!
There is plenty to do on the island. We borrowed bicycles for a day and drove to the Ajo de Agua (approx. 1 1/2 hours, we are relaxed people!). The other day we went on horseback to the waterfall at Maderas volcano. We are not experienced riders, but there was a narrow path up the volcano, directly and ever further into nature.
If you want to visit Ometepe (which you should definitely do on your Nicaragua trip!), The Finca Mystica is definitely an absolute recommendation.
Oh and the hosts are 2 super friendly Americans with a little daughter, absolutely helpful and pleasant!

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