Ometepe Ferry Ticket Prices

The Isla de Ometepe is one of the main destinations for visit in the departments of Rivas, since in this site you have the opportunity to carry out a number of activities and of course enjoy nature at its best, it is an ideal place for vacation.

Well one of the main ways to get to Ometepe is to form aquatic for which you can board the ferry or the boats that transport you to Ometepe and this trip lasts around 1 hour.

Transportation ticket prices in Ometepe are:

  • Ferry 70 national and foreign cordobas
  • Local 35 cordobas ferry (originally from the island)
  • Passenger ferry with cargo oscillate in 200 to 300 cordobas
  • Passenger ferry with heavy cargo 500 córdobas approximately
  • Boats 50 cordobas per passenger

It is important to mention that the boats leave from 7 in the morning and leave every 40 minutes and stop circulating at 5 in the afternoon and the best known are:

So now you already know what is the price of the ticket of the transport and some of the names of the ferries and boats in which you can travel, we invite you to be encouraged to vacation in the Oasis of Peace, Ometepe experiences Item.

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