Isla de Ometepe | Towards the south

Our last stop in Nicaragua is heavenly. We had a great time on the double volcano island Isla de Ometepe. There is nothing else to do here than enjoying nature, climbing volcanoes, swimming and relaxing. We strictly followed the last two options.

We lived in Little Morgans, a great hostel run by an Irishman and named after his son. The hostel is in the middle of nature, right on the lake and the view of the volcanoes is amaaaaazing.

Since we could not just hang out all day, dissolve in the lake or drink beer, we went on a small trip with Dan, a Canadian. With rickety rental bikes (Marcos had a flat tire after 2 minutes) we drove to the fresh water spring Ojo de Agua.

The bicycle is the main means of transportation on the island. From time to time a motorbike passes by, but you hardly see any cars. But the streets are full of cows, steeds, pigs and chickens.

At the spring we were able to cool off from the tropical temperatures in the refreshing water.

We were hanging in the water all afternoon and there was only a little excitement once when locals found a highly toxic snake.

The way back in the evening was not so easy. The air was literally outside. So we had to push the bikes home …

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