La Punta – Review of Punta Jesus Maria, Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

I travelled to the island in Apil 2014. I’ve read reviews on here that tell you how to get to the island and I highly recommend this way:

For those who like to absorb the community, in no rush, and enjoy the ride: Rent a bike! Costs only less that $5 for the entire day. The bike ride will take you about 30 min.

For those who don’t, take a “taxi”: You will get there in 10 minute and costs less than $10.00.

Directions: At the main port, dock, ride up the hill and make a right. Go straight, straight, and straight pass the (mini) airport. On your right hand side, you’ll come across a small white sign. Then you’re riding into sand all the way to Punta Jesus Maria. (Keep going straight). There’s a neat little juice bar there as well. In essence, you make a right and a left. Very accessible!

The view is awesome too. Unless you’re swimming, you don’t even need to bring a towel. Again, there’s a little juice bar before you hit the beach so grab a drink! I would suggest to walk as far as the strip goes, tun around (so you have both views of the volcanoes), sit down, and relax! It’s peach and quiet when you’re sitting in the “middle”, listening to the water, and enjoying the view. Luckily when I went, there were only a handful of people.

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