Ometepe, the largest lake island in the world

Ometepe, the largest lake island in the world, is located on Lake Cocibolda (also known as Great Lake Nicaragua), in Nicaragua. Ometepe immediately evokes what makes it charming: tales inspired by Indian legends with this particular setting evoking two breasts, which explains the terror caused by the burial of a woman with flat breasts. The feminine and sensual dimension is also very present in several of these stories, that it is about the naked Indian appeared at the edge of the beach but that one should not approach because “you will not take anything, what is offered to you at Charco Verde, ”said an old man; let it be this other one that a sly ghost visits every night to draw flowers on her belly; whether it is finally the impossible love story between two young people from enemy tribes or even this exciting woman met by the narrator during the Sinacapa celebration …

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