Ometepe Island is located in the center of Lake Nicaragua in the department of Rivas, leaving from Managua by bus from Mercado Roberto Huembés to the port of San Jorge, then you must buy your ticket for the ferry you are going to travel, know the travel schedules and return, it lasts 1 hour until reaching Moyogalpa port.

Here you have the main options such as having lunch in restaurants that are very close to the port, renting a hotel, motorcycles, hiring tour guides to learn about the route plans they offer in Ometepe.

Destinations to visit in Ometepe

Ometepe offers 6 main destinations to visit and we list them here:

6 San José del Sur.
7 Eye of Water.
From Puerto Moyogalpa you can have options to hire tour guides, rent motorcycles and taxis to tour the island.

What to do on Ometepe Island?

Once you are in Ometepe it is time to know the main tourist attractions that this paradise island in Nicaragua offers, the first thing is to know if you want to know history, water destinations , know the volcanoes, the communities or visit the most popular of the
island that Today we list and highlight you to visit them on your next trip to Ometepe:

Ojo de Agua is one of the natural pools of water in Nicaragua. Its name travels the world and thousands of foreigners visit it every year, its access is easy since from Puerto Moyogalpa you hire a taxi or your own vehicle and within 30 minutes. This wonderful source of natural water arrives in Ometepe.

Charco Verde – It is a lagoon located in the South of the Island a little less than 26 minutes from Moyogalpa, its attraction is surrounded by trees and the best view towards the Concepción and Maderas Volcanoes, within the lagoon there are marine spices such as Turtles, Crocodiles, Fish, this site tells a very common and well-known story among the islanders, which is that the Physician known as Chico Largo fled Rivas from the Conquistador Gil Gonzales Dávila.

San Ramón Waterfall located less than 3 km from the town of San Ramón, it is a waterfall 55 meters high, it can be accessed by vehicle up to 2 km then you have to travel about 800 meters on foot, the cost of entry to this reserve It is C $ 70 cordobas per person, it denotes a great abundance of jungle nature throughout the area, here you will find a wide variety of species, it is advisable to hire a tour guide to know the way well and return without difficulties.

Among the best recommendations is to meet the Volcanoes accompanied by tour guides and leave in the morning so as not to miss the night, visitors always look for the beautiful beaches of Santo Domingo that offers one of the whitest beaches in the entire Pacific Coast of Nicaragua with a extension of almost 3.5 km to be able to make a great walk to the beautiful sunset that it offers in this area of Ometepe, here you will find several hotels to spend the night and enjoy the best meals on the Island.

List of Hotels in Ometepe

Serenea B&B

Chico Largo Hotel Tel: 8473-7210

Totoco Eco Lodge Tel: 8659-8558

Hotel Villa Paraíso Tel: 2563-4675

Casa Hotel Istiam Tel: 2569-4276

Finca Santo Domingo Tel: 2569-4240

Finca Playa Venecia Tel: 8887-0191

To travel to Ometepe to know that the ferries and boats leave from Puerto San Jorge from 7:45 am to 5:30 pm to set sail to the Island, you can transport sedans, motorcycles, buses, cargo trucks.

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