Ometepe travel guide

Travel guide for Isla Ometepe with hotels, detailed maps and lots of travel information

The island of Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua consists of two volcanoes that are connected by a narrow land bridge.
Viewed from above, Ometepe has the shape of an 8.
To the north is the Concepción, an active volcano with a perfect cone,
in the south the extinct, jungle-covered Maderas, in the crater of which a lagoon has formed.

Many visitors come to Ometepe mainly because of the volcanoes, but the island offers much more
Sights and activities, as well as an extremely exciting story.

Separated from the rest of Nicaragua by the Cocibolca, the large Lake Nicaragua, on Ometepe you live in a world of its own.
Often referred to as the “Oasis of Peace”, the island itself survived the revolution and the subsequent contra
War largely unmolested. The early Indian settlers saw the prophesied land in Ometepe. On their holy island
Chorotega, Nahuatl and Mayas left behind a large number of works of art, including many pictures carved on rock
(Petroglyphs) and stone figures.
The conquistadors converted the Indians to Christianity, but many customs and traditions were in the Catholic
Faith adopted. Ometepe has more religious and traditional festivals than anywhere else in Nicaragua.

Visible from anywhere on the island, the volcanoes always provide an impressive backdrop.
The volcanic ash makes the country very fertile and more and more farmers and farms produce on sustainable
ecological way. Even many hotels on Ometepe grow their own organic vegetables and fruit.
Many accommodations on Ometepe are still rather simple, with small cabinas and dormitories or rooms with shared bathrooms.
Gradually, however, more and more hotels are being built on Ometepe that are equipped with more comfort.
Ometepe is certainly one of the most fascinating travel destinations in Nicaragua and gentle tourism, in harmony with nature and the people,
is currently the trend on the island, which was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2010.
With the newly built airport near Moyogalpa in 2012, tourism on Ometepe will certainly experience a further upswing.

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