REMO Isla Ometepe – a small network for women that creates great things

Sometimes you get insights into other worlds if you just dare to let go. So we enjoyed our time on the island of Ometepe and forgot to extend our reservation at Hostel Maria. The Nicaraguans welcomed us so openly and kindly that we could confidently and fearlessly go looking for accommodation even at a late hour. We came across Hostel Espirales and were very happy that it was run by locals.

We chatted with the friendly staff for a while and again realized that the concept of security and the level of security for tourists is very different from that for the locals, especially for the women.

That night we learned about the problems of oppression, gender inequality and the many difficult fates of women on Ometepe. Problems REMO has declared war on. Together, the island women have made themselves strong through various prevention projects and creating economic perspectives.

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