The Colonial City of Granada, Nicaragua

Among all the interesting places that we can visit in Central America, if our destination is Nicaragua, obviously, we have to spend a few days, if possible more than a week, to fully enjoy the colonial city of Granada, one of the first Spanish foundations in the American territory, in this case, being formed the establishment of the same by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba, in the year of 1524.

One of the issues that make tourism in this city really interesting is the rivalry that exists between this city, of eminently Andalusian origin, which is observed in the Moorish style of many of his works, unlike the neighboring city of León, which tends more for Spanish Castilians.

Once installed in Granada, we can mention as one of the main places to visit, the famous local Independence Square, which clearly demonstrates its colonial formation, with the main local buildings located on each side, especially the religious and administrative ones, that can be easily visited by the public.

Next, Lago Cocibolca, which is located on the outskirts of the city, is one of the largest in the world, so the Spaniards, newcomers, used to call it “sweet sea”. Among its characteristics we can mention that it is the only freshwater lake in which sharks live, and also, that during some seasons of the year there is a good amount of tides in its interior.

Finally, nature lovers will be especially grateful to visit a place like the Mombacho Volcano National Park, which has the largest number of representations, via species, flora and fauna that we can find in the entire territory of Nicaragua, in set with really beautiful landscapes, being located a few kilometers south of the city.

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