The Ometepe project – Ometepe project Nicaragua

Justice without mercy is loveless,
Mercy without justice is dishonorable.
Friedrich von Bodelschwingh

The Ometepe project Nicaragua

The Ometepe project is an ecumenical donation project. It aims to improve the living conditions of the people on the island of Ometepe. For poor families in particular, access to medical care and schooling, better living and living conditions and (through the support with small loans) a secure livelihood should be made possible. The project therefore focuses on the areas of health and education, working with people with disabilities and supporting the work of women against violence and sexual abuse.

Since its founding in 1993 by Monika and Michael Höhn, the Ometepe project has worked together with the Nicaraguan partners on the “from the base to the base” principle. Regular exchanges and mutual visits by the German and Nicaraguan project employees create trust, promote mutual acquaintance and mutual learning and, in addition to personal experiences, always bring new ideas, impulses and initiatives for cooperation.

On the Nicaraguan side, the Ometepe project, here POA (Proyecto Ometepe Alemania) has its own management team based in Santo Domingo. This decides on-site where support is necessary, sensible and sustainable. They manage the funds entrusted to them themselves and monitor their use and the results achieved. In this way, the project on Ometepe has been a recognized civilian actor and partner for state and church organizations from the start.

On the German side, the project has been supported by a group of volunteers since 1995. Since 2012 it has been supported by the parishes of the Evangelical Church District An der Agger as the “Ometepe Technical Committee”. Regular information events, intensive public relations work and a large network of supporters, cooperation partners and donors help to ensure the work of the project on Ometepe in the individual work areas.

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