Visit of the island of Ometepe on Lake Nicaragua

During our stay in Nicaragua, we visited Ometepe, a singular little island made up of 2 volcanoes and located in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, huge lake in Central America. We were able to discover funny animals and a way of living almost out of time.

After a few days spent in the pretty town of Granada, we head towards the island of Ometepe, a superb island formed by 2 large volcanoes, Concepción and Maderas.

Magnificent island, as is often the case with volcanic islands, with its abundant flora and fauna.

So we stayed in a remote corner of the island, where you find nothing but a guest room and a few houses around.

No need to look for a packet of crisps. At best you can find a bottle of water.

So to represent it well, imagine yourself in the middle of Central America, in one of its poorest countries, Nicaragua. Ile Ometepe, Lake Nicaragua

Ometepe, Nicaragua

In the middle of this country, you find a lake. And in the middle of this lake an island. So you are far away. But in addition on this island, you are somewhere between 2 villages.

Here. Here, therefore, you see hens and pigs roaming free everywhere on the paths. You only have one road. And the men move on horseback, which they conscientiously clean on the banks of the lake.

Women wash their clothes by hand, also in the lake. And the children work and help the parents.

Here in the middle of this island, you are in another time. To this is added the simply magnificent decor of the two volcanoes, sometimes visible, sometimes surrounded by clouds. Then howler monkeys that you see everywhere, just like these superb birds, the Urracas. Then hold on, since it’s beautiful, we went there and wandered around this island. We went for a walk to Ojo de Agua, a natural pool with crystal clear water. Then we soaked our feet on Santos Domingos beach. All this with our friends we met in Granada on New Years Day. Then the next day, we returned to Charco Verde and its small natural park. The opportunity for Manu to fart his tap dancing just started the hike and for me to do the rest barefoot.

A few kilometers and we even found ourselves at the end of the island, to contemplate for a moment, both, the lake and its superb reflections of lights.Ometepe on Lake Nicaragua

Ometepe, Nicaragua

Another very nice stage which it is rather difficult to leave.

Now for us, it will be towards San Juan del Sur, the last stopover village in the country before Costa Rica.

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