What to see and do in Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

If someone described Ometepe to you, without even having seen it on a map, you would think that it is a place taken from a movie. Made up of two volcanoes (Maderas and Concepción) linked by a small strip of land, this island is located in Lake Nicaragua. Its name in the Nahualt language is Ōmetepētl.

Ometepe still preserves its integrity as a region in the tourist aspect (at the moment of writing this post). No, if you have seen a lot of money for the tourist attractions in order to visit the area where you are visiting the area, for the reason that it is precarious and not very likely.

The weather can change from a clear sky to a sudden rain at any time of the year, but that does not prevent the island from being visited by people who want to do outdoor activities or those who simply want to relax among so much fauna and landscapes to admire.

Before talking about budgets, I must mention that the Nicaraguan currency is Córdoba (C $) and the exchange at the moment of my trip (April – May 2010) was $ 1USD – C $ 21. If you want to find out how the change, use the following currency converter.


– Lodging : The cheapest options are logically the dormitories of the hostels. The prices of each one do not exceed C $ 88 ($ 4). You want to stay on the main beaches of the island, expect to pay more. I stayed at the El Indio Viejo hostel, which is cheap enough and meets the basic expectations of every backpacker. You want to be in front of the beach, the Istiam Hotel is the best good, nice and cheap alternative.

– Food : The cost of a cheap meal is between C $ 66-C $ 130 ($ 3- $ 6) including a drink such as soda or juice. You rummage you will be able to achieve to locals who sell food at prices below C $ 47 ($ 2). With the number of restaurants and food stalls selling cheap, you won’t have a problem eating little.

– Transport : The main points of public transport are in the town of Moyogalpa and Altagracia. From these towns buses leave for the rest of the island. The departure time between one bus and another, regardless of where you take it, is a very long period (2-3 hours) and the last buses leave at 5pm. The most logical would be that you plan your move for Ometepe well and thus avoid setbacks. Taxis are expensive given the distances they must travel, but do not doubt that you will arrive on time at your fate.

What to do in Ometepe


– Climbing the volcanoes : Without a doubt, the number one reason why many adventurers visit Ometepe. During the climb you can appreciate the congo monkeys, white-faced monkeys and a spectacular number of birds and insects that flood the forests that surround both volcanoes.

– Explore agricultural life on farms: The farms are well known for their varied crops of rice, watermelon, bananas and even tobacco. The most famous is the Finca Magdalena which is located in the skirts of the Volcán Maderas.

– Recurs the route by bicycle or motorbike : eagle a motorcycle for C $ 549 ($ 25) and drive for the area near you. On the other hand, if you want to take advantage of your good conditions and cycling spirit, you can rent a bicycle and pedal to your body.

– Visit the petroglyphs of the region : Throughout the island, especially in the area of ​​the Maderas volcano, you will find petroglyphs of different sizes located on the trails that connect to the main road.

– Ometepe Museum : Located in the town of Altagracia, this museum is an opportunity to discover archaeological pieces from the pre-Columbian era and some of the island’s history.

– Kayaking on the Charco Verde beach : Search for the hotel with the same name if it finds one of the best beaches on the island, where you can spend a relaxing day kayaking and exploring the lagoon near the area.

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